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Jan and Tom - Lotion Voyeur
Video No : 151
Jan Burton and Tom
October 11, 2012 - 139Mb 4:56 Mins
After Tom had washed my back, and my boobs in the bath, his reward was ti watch me lotion my body. I saw him secretly stroking his cock, I didnt know how much until I reviewed the video afterwards :)
Jan and Tom - Bath Back wash
Video No : 150
Jan Burton and Tom
September 26, 2012 - 229Mb 7:44 Mins
The heat is increasing, and I want Tom's hand on me again after his delicate stroking of my body last night. I leave the bathroom door open and take a back, then I call him into the room to wash my back .. but I cant resist letting him wash my boobs too . I was so turned on I had to finish myself off :)
Jan and Tom - Late night skin stroke
Video No : 149
Jan Burton and Tom
September 21, 2012 - 470Mb 15:54 Mins
Rob went off to bed, and I encouraged Tom to give me a sensual hair and body stroke. One thing leds to another and soon he was playing gently with my boobs as I pushed my hands between my legs to pleasure myself. You should watch Tom's face, he desperately wants to play with my tits, but is holding back.
Jan and Tom - Brunch Tease
Video No : 148
Jan Burton andTom
September 16, 2012 - 195Mb 6:39 Mins
Its late, midday I think, and Im still in my dressing gown, if you can call it that. More like a piece of material wrapped around me, Another opportunity to flash to Tom, but this time I might as well be naked :)
Desperation Roadside Peeing
Video No : 147
Jan Burton
September 12, 2012 - 245Mb 8:11 Mins
Driving on our way to the shops and Im desperate for a pee. We always carry a camcorder with us to capture flashing to truck drivers, but today it seemed a good idea to catch a bit of roadside peeing. A must for you pee lovers out there :)
Dreaming of Tom
Video No : 145
Jan Burton
September 09, 2012 - 317Mb 10:40 Mins
I still haven't had Tom yet, still haven't felt his member inside me, all I can do is imagine ... but I hve a good imagination and it drives me to a soaking orgasm.
Jan bursts in on Tom in the Shower
Video No : 146
Jan Burton and Tom
September 04, 2012 - 253Mb 9:03 Mins
With us only having one bathroom and Tom taking a shower, I knocked on the door explaining I needed to wash before going out. Tom is in the shower, I really didn't need to lotion my body too, but I was enjoying myself, and you can see Tom was too. What follows is pure delight .. not to mentionn HIGHLY arousing.
Tom shows Jan how to Exercise
Video No : 144
Jan Burton and Tom
August 28, 2012 - 241Mb 8:11 Mins
After the last breakfast we had together I had suggested to Tom that he show me how to tighten up my bottom and the backs of my legs. I was wearing denim shorts and t-shirt,. The shorts are not ideal for exercise, but that was deliberate so I would HAVE to remove them ;). Tom had his hands on my bottom, legs and at one point my crotch OOOO !
Tom has breakfast with Jan
Video No : 143
Jan Burton and Tom
August 13, 2012 - 325Mb 10:59 Mins
Both of us were late risers this morning. Here I am making Tom a late breakfast. Can't resist flashing my tits, puss and bottom for him. I didnt catch him looking until I reviewed the video afterwards hehe :)
Tom gives me a Massage
Video No : 142
Jan Burton and Tom
August 08, 2012 - 120Mb 4:03 Mins
Tom's playing on the XBox in our lounge and I need a back massage. Tom doesn't know I have no knickers on, and I HAVE to remove my t-shirt and bra so he can give me a good massage. He can't see my puss or my boobs, but you guys can Smile. Tom was getting a bit bold half way through, I'm sure he was deliberately trying to get a feel of my big boobs .. watch out for those hands on my breasts from the side.
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