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Morning Glass Toy Wank
Video No : 172
Jan Burton
April 23, 2013 - 383Mb 12:50 Mins
Wakey Wakey rise and wank. You know what its like first thing in the morning, especially when Tom's not home and I need some pleasuring. I reach for one of my super glass toys and bring myself off thinking of Tom inside me. :)
Hotel Quickee
Video No : 171
Jan and a guy
March 29, 2013 - 505Mb 16:46 Mins
My friend and I were staying over in a hotel in Manchester while away, it had been a fun day and we decided to video the end of the day fun for you to enjoy.
Me, Rebekah Dee and Tom
Video No : 168
Jan and Rebekah Dee
March 12, 2013 - 470Mb 15:41 Mins
After teasing Tom in the bathroom, Rebekah Dee and I withdrew to the bedroom to play together. We left the bedroom door open, just in case Tom saw and wanted to join in .. thankfully he did. Tom gave me such a good fucking and Rebekah helped bless her.
Little White Friend
Video No : 169
Jan Burton
March 06, 2013 - 327Mb 10:58 Mins
Toys aren't always my thing, but I do love glass ones, and I also enjoy small vibrators like this little handbag version. Whip it out at any time and put it to good use, like now.
Kitchen Girl-Girl Tease
Video No : 167
Rebekah Dee, Jan and Tom
February 14, 2013 - 253Mb 8:30 Mins
Rebekah Dee and I decide to tease Tom more, while he's having breakfast. We appear in the kitchen wearing just short T-shirts, bending over showing our pussies and then we get nude and I bring Rebekah to orgasm with my tongue as Tom watches helpless.
Tom's Interrupted Shower
Video No : 166
Jan, Rebekah Dee and Tom
January 24, 2013 - 357Mb 12:01 Mins
Time to share Tom with my sexiest girlfriend, Rebekah Dee. Tom is taking a shower, and me and Reb Dee burst in with the camcorder in our hands. At first Tom is shocked .. buy us and the camcorder, but I explain its just for me and he soon warms up. He films me and Reb Dee playing with each other then he gets a little action as reward.
Tom fucks Jan next to Dad asleep
Video No : 165
Jan Burton and Tom
January 19, 2013 - 260Mb 8:51 Mins
Yes you read the title correctly. Our most daring fuck yet. Tom is on his way to bed and I call him into our bedroom. Hubby is fast asleep, and when he's gone .. he's gone. So Tom and I have fun right next to his Dad in the bed. Daring, dangerous and VERY exciting. I had the quietest orgasm ever :)
Naughty Nurse Jan
Video No : 164
Jan Burton
January 15, 2013 - 399Mb 13:33 Mins
Returning home after a hard day at the hospital, naughty nurse Jan has been so turned by flashing her stocking tops that she can't resist attending to Conor's ailments. The only way to alleviate his pent up tension and stress is a blow job and fuck. Good girl Nurse Jan .. another patient cured ;). Not to be missed
Tom shave's & licks Jan
Video No : 163
Jan Burton and Tom
December 24, 2012 - 276Mb 9:22 Mins
Hubby Rob is out at work (as usual) and I need my newly grown pubic hair trimming and shaving. So I call Tom into the bedroom to help. We've already crossed the line so he should be comfortable seeing my pussy up close, but he's slightly bashful, something I find highly arousing. I make the most of having my legs open and soon Tom is licking and fingering me to orgasm. Its just the best .. !!!
Jan and Tom - Best fuck yet
Video No : 162
Jan Burton and Tom
December 17, 2012 - 600Mb 20:06 Mins
This is the thrid time we have had sex, and its the best yet. Tom takes his time with me and gives me at least 2 orgasms .. I can't remember now, it was all a blur ;). Already I am planning our next time together, and I want to be more daring.
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