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Hot Girl-Girl
Set No : 172
Jan Burton and Cat
July 08, 2008 - 161 Images
This is Cat who also appears on You can see Cat has the hots for me, and I was looking forward to tasting her too. Later we finished each other off in the shower, but that's another story (well video).
Sexy Slow Striptease
Set No : 171
July 06, 2008 - 100 Images
This is the super sexy and curvy Bonita. Bonita kisses so well, and I have lots of stills and video of her and me together. This set is of her alone, slowly stripping out of her sheer clothes on our spare bed .. Mmmm.
Set No : 170
Jan Burton
July 06, 2008 - 180 Images
This is an old set that some how slipped through the net. These were taken late in my pregnancy with my little boy. Some my favourite pregnancy pics are in this set. As I look back at this set I just want to be pregnant again.
Bluebell Wood
Set No : 169
Jan Burton
June 24, 2008 - 78 Images
Each year in the Spring throughout the UK we are blessed with a proliferation of Bluebell flowers. They like shady woodland, which gives us a perfect opportunity to shoot some great sets in relative privacy. This is the first year we've shot using this environment. It was great fun and the bluebells looked gorgeous.
Rock Pool
Set No : 168
Jan Burton
May 22, 2008 - 73 Images
Whilst on our recent trip to Tenby in Wales, we spent a day at a secluded cove called Skrinkle beach, and was actually closed to the public. However, we managed to scramble down the precarious steps and were undisturbed all day. Except for one guy who obviously came down for a look :). This is the first set of many from that day.
Blue Lagoon
Set No : 167
Jan Burton
May 16, 2008 - 90 Images
This set was shot on our group trip to Wales with our friends. This little clear blue water lagoon is buried away in a remote part of the welsh hills. Well not that remote, but difficult to get to none-the-less. Something in the minerals turns the water blue. We were disturbed halfway through this set by a family which you can just make out in the distance behind me.
Oilseed Rape Field
Set No : 166
Jan Burton
May 10, 2008 - 67 Images
Shot last year .. in fact almost a year ago, as you can see the Oilseed is in bloom once more. This was a fun afternoon out shooting a variety of sets in and around this vibrant flowering commodity. Oilseed rape is growing in popularity as a source of both cooking oil and biodiesel. We now live adjacent to a field which is currently in bloom and the odour is sometimes a little overwhelming !
Tenby Red Rocks
Set No : 165
Jan Burton
April 29, 2008 - 45 Images
This is the first of many sets we shot while on holiday recently in Tenby South Wales. The first two days were a washout but we were very lucky to have a really sunny day on the Sunday. We found our way to "Skrinkle" which is actually closed to the public due to the unsafe cliff path. Needless to say we ventured down and had the beach to ourselves all day.
Matrix Style Outfit
Set No : 164
April 23, 2008 - 90 Images
I bought this coat to match the underwear and the great leather trousers and boots. All in all it makes up a great Matrix style outfit. Actually this is a replica of Neo's coat from the movie, I guess should have gone for the Trinity look really, but I preferred this coat. We will shoot again with this outfit, but next time in a more Urban environment.
Elvish Wood Nymphs
Set No : 163
Jan and Anabel
April 17, 2008 - 80 Images
When these pictures were taken, Anabel was about half my age, clearly young enough to be my daughter .. how naughty is that? Usually when I'm "with" a much younger girl I can easily dominate her and I control the sex, but with Anabel she was perfectly capable of taking charge, you can see from the early photos how eager she is to start. Fun times.
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