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Hot Girlie Threesome
Video No : 221
Jan, Rebekah Dee & Missy
May 16, 2017 - 456Mb 15:14 Mins
This may be an oldish video but its a good 'un.
A frolic in the snow, then getting some action in the living room (see earlier video) and the three girls retire to the bedroom to get REALLY serious about a good licking.

This was Missy's first girl girl, and she was a natural. What a lovely body she has, and Rebekah and I loved exploring it.
Surprise Mess
Video No : 220
Jan Burton
March 19, 2017 - 695Mb 22:57 Mins
I was all set to go out in my new sexy clothing .. but hubby had a messy surprise for me. The surprise involved squirty cream, ice cream, jam (jelly), honey and so much more ..

Well the dress was toast. ;)
Houseguest Voyeur
Video No : 219
Jan Burton
January 12, 2017 - 666Mb 7:48 Mins
I've had a friend staying over and he's been a bit naughty. He pretends he's asleep sometimes in the spare room and catches me out. Like this time when I was drying and applying lotion after my shower.

Well .. perhaps I knew and gave him a show, after all .. you guys know I love an audience. :)
Beautiful Loving
Video No : 218
Jan and Raphaella Lily
September 27, 2016 - 482Mb 16:05 Mins
Me and the beautiful curvaceous Raphaella Lily enjoying some wonderful intimacy together. xxx
Nephew's Fashion Advice
Video No : 217
Jan Burton
August 24, 2016 - 536Mb 17:52 Mins
I'm slowly becoming bolder in front of my fit young nephew James. I love that he can't take his eyes off me, as I watch him mentally undressing me, and hopefully he's thinking ruder thoughts than that.. I am.

Today I need his advice about what to wear on my hot lunch date. But I can't decide what sort of panties to wear. I do have some split crotch ones .. or should I just go commando?
Nude Asleep
Video No : 216
Jan Burton
August 13, 2016 - 362Mb 12:07 Mins
That naughty nephew of mine James has bought me a cup of morning tea, but I always sleep in the nude, at least I've started to since James came to stay !

He shouldn't be looking, but James can't resist having a sneaky look at my mature naked body on the bed. I catch him, and it's time for some straight talking.
Wet T-Shirt with Nephew
Video No : 215
Jan Burton
August 02, 2016 - 200Mb 6:40 Mins
This is Episode 4 in my naughty adventures with my Nephew.

This morning I have some tidying up to do, but I can't find the dustpan and brush. My sexy see through top shows off my bulging boobs nicely, a lovely tease for James. But I "accidentally" splash cold water all over the front, Oh dear .. how clumsy of me ;). So I have to remove my top, and tease James even more.
The Morning After
Video No : 214
Jan Burton
April 26, 2016 - 105Mb 4:21 Mins
Oh dear I've been a bad Auntie Jan haven't I. I have been winding up my nephew James too much. Last night I came home a little worse for wear, and I fear I gave James a bit of a scare. Showing off my knickers with some upskirt, then stripping teasingly in my room, he could see me through the open door.

So this morning I've brought him a cup of tea as a peace offering. Oh dear .. did I forget to tighten up my robe? AND I've nothing on underneath .. I'm SOOO naughty !
Nephew - Part 2 A Night Out
Video No : 213
Jan Burton
April 13, 2016 - 195Mb 6:32 Mins
Shortly after James arrived to stay, I had a night out with the girls. Of course as usual I was a bit tipsy when the taxi dropped me off. I had fended off a few guys interested in bedding me, because I knew I couldn't bring them home with me, not with my sister's son in the next room.

But of course I also knew that James was a fit young man, and I was hell bent on teasing this young stud. I teasingly let him watch me undress and slip into bed. Just warming him up for what's to come.
Nephew - Part 1 Arrival
Video No : 212
Jan Burton
March 30, 2016 - 114Mb 3:50 Mins
This is my Nephew James, my sister's boy. He's an adult but only just. He's fit and young and relatively inexperienced and just the right age for a Cougar to tease the hell out of.

So that's my plan, slowly educate this nervous young man until he explodes.

This is the first part of many, with his unexpectedly early arrival at my house. I was ill prepared and only wearing a shirt .. tsk tsk. ;) Jan x
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