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Fucking a Friend
Video No : 117
Jan Burton
May 21, 2011 - 217Mb 14:41 Mins
Heres one from the archives. A friend we had known for some time came to dinner, lots to drink and I decide to get sexy. You know what an exhibitionist I am, I love attention, and our friend was very attentive. I performed a languid strip in front of the two guys, and had my fun. Lots of action happened later regrettably off camera, but I'm sure you'll enjoy this snippet of the evenings fun and games.
My First B/G Video - 2
Video No : 116
Jan Burton
March 31, 2011 - 297Mb 16:07 Mins
Second half of this video. We also shot a behind the scenes video with this guy while we were shooting a stills set. This was 2 hours of the hottest fun I've had. :)
My First B/G Video - 1
Video No : 115
Jan Burton
March 24, 2011 - 257Mb 16:17 Mins
Rob finally edited this gem from the past. This was my first every boy-girl video with someone other than my partner. I had done 2 b/g scenes before with my ex. but this was the first one with Rob. It was a rollercoaster for us both. It came at the end of an evening of fun with the guy in the vid. All in all a helluva night.
Cougar on Heat
Video No : 114
Jan Burton
November 03, 2010 - 244Mb 11:00 Mins
This young man is 18 years younger than me .. I think I'm turning into a "Cougar". Nothing like some vigourous, heated sex with a fit young man. However, bless him, I think the moment and the cameras and the cameraman were too much for the poor soul, and he couldnt complete the job, well not on camera! I wasn'#t letting him get away with that, so we had to finish off in private in the bedroom. Perhaps next time he'll let you watch him jet his hot spunk on my face.
Voyeured Business Lady
Video No : 113
Jan Burton
August 13, 2010 - 280Mb 12:33 Mins
Taking a short break from her busy schedule at the office, this business lady sees she is being watched by a handsome gent! Unable to resist or control herself, the aroused lady surreptitiously puts on a show for the guy, which quickly turns her on so much she is unable to stop herself from masturbating in front of him.
Naughty Schoolgirls
Video No : 112
Jan, Tibby and Lindsey
July 27, 2010 - 476Mb 21:20 Mins
This video was actually shot as a special for Rob's school reunion. Rob was at school in Marlow, Bucks, so we filmed the out door scenes there. The story is self explanatory. Needless to say this is an extended naughtier version of the actual video that was shown. I'm eager to get Tibby alone some time soon.
Backstage - Jan & Mark 1 of 2
Video No : 111
Jan and Mark
July 06, 2010 - 417Mb 37:37 Mins
This is the second half of the backstage video of the shoot with Mark in the hotel room,. Much more hard action in this half, the tease and foreplay is over now its time for hard fucking .. allgood fun :)
Backstage - Jan & Mark 1 of 2
Video No : 110
Jan and Mark
July 01, 2010 - 473Mb 37:56 Mins
A few years ago I met a guy in a hotel near the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, UK. He had emailed to me asking to shag me for my site. This is the first part of a backstage video Rob shot at the time. Hope you find it as entertaining as it is sexy :-)
The Plumber gets Lucky
Video No : 109
Jan and the Plumber
June 23, 2010 - 290Mb 21:25 Mins
Finally the plumber gets lucky (well his stand in ;). This is what the plumber will receive if he comes to my house again. Bumper 21 min video .. enjoy. Jan
3-Toy Fun
Video No : 108
Jan Burton
June 14, 2010 - 314Mb 14:04 Mins
A sexy striptease to some hot music turns into a 3 -toy orgasm fest. Watch me bring furiously myself off with 3 different toys and then with my hands.. exhausting .. but nice !
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