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Tom has breakfast with Jan
Video No : 143
Jan Burton and Tom
August 13, 2012 - 325Mb 10:59 Mins
Both of us were late risers this morning. Here I am making Tom a late breakfast. Can't resist flashing my tits, puss and bottom for him. I didnt catch him looking until I reviewed the video afterwards hehe :)
Tom gives me a Massage
Video No : 142
Jan Burton and Tom
August 08, 2012 - 120Mb 4:03 Mins
Tom's playing on the XBox in our lounge and I need a back massage. Tom doesn't know I have no knickers on, and I HAVE to remove my t-shirt and bra so he can give me a good massage. He can't see my puss or my boobs, but you guys can Smile. Tom was getting a bit bold half way through, I'm sure he was deliberately trying to get a feel of my big boobs .. watch out for those hands on my breasts from the side.
Rescued from the Shower
Video No : 141
Jan Burton andTom
July 31, 2012 - 128Mb 4:24 Mins
I couldnt stop myself from setting Tom up bless him Here I am supposed to be stuck in the shower, so I'm nude and crying out for his help. Tom comes into the bathroom and frees me, seeing me fully naked in front of him .. he deserved a bear chested hug and kiss dont you think :)
Deep Masturbation
Video No : 140
Jan Burton
July 28, 2012 - 361Mb 12:07 Mins
There is nothing quite like a really good masturbation. IOf you don't have a man or a toy then turn to two of your fingers and let them work their magic on your soaking puss. This is what I did .. and I loved it.
Morning Tea for Jan from Tom
Video No : 139
Jan Burton and Tom
July 26, 2012 - 80Mb 2:47 Mins
After his morning tea the day before, Tom felt obliged to return the favour. I knew he was coming of course which is why I setup the hidden camera, and I had deliberately arranged a slight clothing malfunction, Im not sure if he took a peek. My bed wear is quite see-thru though so I know he was having as good a time as I was. What I didn't expect and what was an added bonus for us both, was him busting back into the room at the end and catching me topless .. how exciting !!
A Cup of Tea for Tom
Video No : 138
Jan Burton and Tom
July 16, 2012 - 71Mb 2:36 Mins
The tension with Tom increases as I take him in a morning cup of Tea wearing a see-thru negligee and nothing underneath. It's becoming obvious to both of us that something more has to happen. I could jump him now, but Im enjoying being the naughty sexy Stepmother in charge of the situation. He is putty in my hands .. and I love it :) Jan x
Silky Smooth Puss
Video No : 136
Jan Burton
July 15, 2012 - 365Mb 12:14 Mins
Nothing like a silky smooth puss to excite me .. and hopefully others. I love licknig a smooth puss, I like having my smooth puss licked, I like the feel of silk on my puss and I like to ease my favourite glass toy between my silky smooth lips and up deep inside me ... I think you get the picture :) xxx
Teasing my Stepson 1
Video No : 137
Jan Burton and Tom
July 13, 2012 - 305Mb 10:32 Mins
OMG .. I mean OH MY GOD !!! It's been a long time coming, but here at last is a the first recording of me teasing my stepson Tom. Tom is with us for the next couple of weeks while he is off from University. I've fancied him for some time and I know he is interested in me, but his Dad doesnt know how I feel. This was shot on Wednesday night, by a hidden camera while we were watching a movie. I go out and remove my panties and let him have flashes of my puss. I was so damned turned on !!!!
Shaving the Puss
Video No : 134
Jan Burton
June 08, 2012 - 306Mb 10:16 Mins
Finally the fluff had to go, and not just piecemeal .. but totally and utterly. Here I am soaped up and ready and off comes every last hair down to the follicle. Just checkout that super smooth pussikins now. It is DYING to be licked :)
Flashing out and about
Video No : 131
Jan Burton
June 04, 2012 - 55Mb 2:34 Mins
You know one of my favourite passtimes is flashing to completely strangers, not necessarily "innocent" strangers lol. Take these lorry drivers (truckers) for example. More often than not they look down in the car as you drive passed, You and I know what they're looking for so its my job to give it to them :)
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