Early Summer Sun
Set No : 429
Jan Burton
April 22, 2016 - 223 Images
I may be kidding myself, but every now and again, at this time of year, we get a really nice day. Sitting here in my kitchen diner with the sun blazing through the window, I just want to chill, soak up the rays and get naked of course.

This set is shot in our trademark style of using only natural light .. and I love it :), I hope you do too. Jan xxx
Nephew - Part 2 A Night Out
Video No : 213
Jan Burton
April 13, 2016 - 195Mb 6:32 Mins
Shortly after James arrived to stay, I had a night out with the girls. Of course as usual I was a bit tipsy when the taxi dropped me off. I had fended off a few guys interested in bedding me, because I knew I couldn't bring them home with me, not with my sister's son in the next room.

But of course I also knew that James was a fit young man, and I was hell bent on teasing this young stud. I teasingly let him watch me undress and slip into bed. Just warming him up for what's to come.
Nephew - Part 1 Arrival
Video No : 212
Jan Burton
March 30, 2016 - 114Mb 3:50 Mins
This is my Nephew James, my sister's boy. He's an adult but only just. He's fit and young and relatively inexperienced and just the right age for a Cougar to tease the hell out of.

So that's my plan, slowly educate this nervous young man until he explodes.

This is the first part of many, with his unexpectedly early arrival at my house. I was ill prepared and only wearing a shirt .. tsk tsk. ;) Jan x
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