Red in the Sun
Set No : 382
Jan Burton
March 02, 2014 - 105 Images
It may only be February (when we took the photos) here in Spain, but the sun is out and warm enough for me to get naked. But if you look real close you can see the goosebumps on my bottom. There's something sexy about goosebumps .. Jan x
Exotic Beauty
Set No : 381
Jan and Exotic Friend
February 15, 2014 - 54 Images
I'm posing again, but this time with an Exotic beauty. Try as I might (and cheeky Rob was pushing too) she would not engage in anything more naughty. Mind you we did have an audience of about 20 people. I should have invited her back to our room ..
Public Pool
Set No : 380
Jan Burton
February 10, 2014 - 161 Images
There is nothing more stiumlating than being risque in a public pool. People all around, Rob with his camera out and me in a see-thru wicked weasel bikini. Watch for the naughty little bit of help I get from a friend we met while on holiday.
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