Puss Grind the Red Chair
Set No : 493
Jan Burton
July 01, 2018 - 124 Images
That red chair has seen a lot of action on my site, I have a special relationship with this piece of furniture

Today I'm going to get nekkid and grind my pussy into your soft custioning :)
Pink Passions
Set No : 492
Jan Burton
June 27, 2018 - 198 Images
There's pink (an some red) everywhere in this set .. and yes I do mean EVERYWHERE !.

Checkout my wet pink puss as I stroke and play with her til I explode in orgasm.
Intimate one on one
Video No : 230
Jan and Jamie
June 23, 2018 - 387Mb 13:00 Mins
This is a republication of an earlier video I published with Jamie. Only this version is true 1980x1024 and much better quality :)

I asked hubby to film me and Jamie having real sex, not studio/porn sex.. but proper sex between two people. It was fucking great!! Neither of us were aware of the camera, or hubby poor soul. He was properly cuckolded by his trophy wife .. me :).
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