Rob and I decided to set-up this site as a result of the fantastic response to my pictures on the Voyeurweb site. There has been much speculation about me and my boobs, and lots of questions. Hopefully I will address all of the issues raised in the comment section of VW and from the emails I have been sent. If you want to know anything else please Email Me or post a Message into my Yahoo Group.

HOME I live in Ashford in England. Rob is my husband.

DOB 14 Jan 1972 .. yes I'm a Capricorn

Stats I am 5 foot 8 inches (Rob is 5 foot 10 inches, so with my heels I am taller when we go out.) 34E bust, 28 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

Boobs I am a natural B cup, In 1998 I had implants which took me to a D cup. They were Hydrogel and 245CC in each breast. I loved these boobs and they were very natural looking. You can see this in the Union Jack Bikini sets, many of you thought these were natural .. they were not. Over the years I lost some weight, and my cup size went down to a C. Also, as a side effect of Hydrogel some rippling started to appear at the sides. I came into some money in 2002, and I thought about going up to an E-Cup, and so I did. I love attention, and now that my boobs are bigger I receive loads more than before. Again I've lost more weight, probably due to the stress over Rob's recent Cancer. As such my boobs are again showing signs of rippling and I want them replace .. and a little bigger.

Fav. Car Lotus Elise - Yellow please, at the moment I drive a small Fiat Punto .. I know, this is what happens when you' you have children..

Pets Rob and I have two Maine Coon cats, Pickles and Pebbles.

Sex Yes please, and lots of it. I have a very high sex-drive. Rob and I have a great sex life. I am also bi-sexual, although I prefer men. I see sex with a woman as fun, and a bit like foreplay, but there's nothing to beat a big strong man with his arms around me, deep inside me in a strong embrace, kissing passionately. Rob and I are very adventurous, we are not swingers but we do enjoy sex with other people At this point in our relationship I am not comfortable with Rob having sex with another girl, even as part of a threesome with me. Rob however enjoys it when we invite a male into the bed and sometimes he will just watch, although I have to be in control of the sex. Any good looking guys out there ... send a picture and lets talk.

Aspirations I love travel, it would be great to visit South America or the Far East. Iwould like to see myself sucessful in everything i do especially with this website. I want to have a big house in the country somewhere, plenty of money and have about 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys and live a long life and have lots and lots of fun.

Where would I like to go on holiday I have now been to Disneyworld Florida and it was fantastic. Yes, I cried when I went into the Magic Kingdom .. its all those Disney movies that influenced me I think. We met and made friends with 2 great people out there Fairy and Oreo. So now, my desired holiday destination has changed ... to Fiji. Rob and I honeymooned at a Sandals resort in Jamaica, what a great time we had.

Favourite film My favourite film is "The Wizard of Oz" , I think it is such a beautiful movie, I love the way that it changed from black and white to colour. It always reminds me of the fond memories of my childhood. Second best is "Nine and a half weeks" which I find so erotic, I can see a lot of similarities within myself in some of the situations in the film. Its very horny and turns me on a great deal.

Favourite music I love all sort of music it varies from soft romantic songs to opera and dance. It depends what kind of mood I am in. I like good lyrics in a song, words that are meaningful. I think I am a bit of a romantic really. I love dance music especially the Euphoria collection of CD's. PPK Resurrection is a favourite of mine, this song reminds me of a very exciting and sexual experience.. I had sex all night, it was fantastic.

What I enjoy doing most I love shopping for clothes and sexy underwear, and also love socialising with my friends, having wild nights out. I also very much like to lay in-front of a burning fire with candles and champagne on a fur blanket, listening to soft music and making love with my favourite man. (Mmmmmmmmm getting me excited just thinking about it)

What I like most in a man I like a man that dresses very well and takes pride in his appearance, a good smelling man is the best. and a very loving man. He has to be excellent in bed and keep up with me. I love seeing men dressed in a dark suit (black) with a white shirt with no tie and the collars standing up hmmm that turns me on so much. I love getting gifts from a man so he has to have plenty of money. Receiving flowers and chocolates and also when a man buys me underwear that really gets me excited knowing that he has spent time looking for something for me mmmmmmmmmmmm.

What I like in women I like pretty women, I have had sex with quite a few women (well over 100) and they have all been very nice. I like women who have a gentle touch, smell nice and must be very well groomed

What turns me on Sexy people, great looking well dressed men and women. I like sex with men and women, separately and at the same time. I get seriously turned on by a guy/girl who is sexy as hell playing hard to get .. but I know they want me.

What's my fantasy My fantasy is to have two or three well built tanned guys with hard, thick girthy cocks in firemen's uniforms smelling of Eternity after-shave. One of the guys putting his cock in my mouth so I can suck it wild and vigorously, another guy with his cock in my pussy pushing his thick hard member deep inside me. Slowly at first and then getting faster and faster both of them stroking my soft, silky skin and pulling my hair back, saying "fuck my cock harder and harder". We all reach climax together then we lay together stroking each other softly and whispering in each others ear. We all cuddle up and then all fall asleep together for a while then start again. (WOW) One day this will happen, and Rob will video it.

Favourite Sexual position Doggie. I love it deep inside.

Most outrageous sexual experience Still searching. Already done the "in a field", "in a car", "in an elevator", "in a hotel laundry room (got cum on the clean sheets .. oops)", " in my mum's bed (don't read this mum, just joking ... not)". Probably the most outrageous to date was on a large wooden kitchen table in front of about 12 people.

Most enjoyable sexual experience The first time I had sex with two men at once I was SO excited I orgasmed several times. At the start I was nervous, it was with my boyfriend and his best friend. It was the first time his friend had seen me naked and I LOVED every minute of it. Also I had sex with my hubby all night, well at least 7 hours. It was fantastic .. we slept all the next day.

Worst sexual experience Sleeping with a guy with a small cock and I didn't even realise it was in, (lol) how awful was that?

Most embarrassing experience Sleeping with a guy for the first time and then pussy farting in his face when he is going down on you. (oops)

What kind of clothes I like Sexy revealing clothes, the less the better. I love tight fitting clothes that show off my figure. Short Skirts that show off my long legs and tight tops that show off my tits. I love black, its a very sexy colour, but also pinks, white and reds

Whats my favourite underwear Favourite underwear is see-through. I love the teasing element, seeing but not seeing.mmmmmmmmmmm

Hobbies I like listening to music, golf, tennis, playing the piano, making outfits to wear on webcam, and loads of sex.

Skills Playing the piano. I am currently taking singing and acting lessons.


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